My new tumblr is up a bit early, but that’s okay. if you want me to follow you with it just ask or something :D

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Anonymous whispered,

are you going to the beatles: the lost concert" movie when it comes out next month?

Mayyyybe~ if you buy me some popcorn~

Bye bye.

Hey everyone ^^ (that still follow me) I thank you all for following, but I will be deactivating this account and starting a brand new one in 1 month :o. So if you would like me to follow you 1 month later, like this post or just send me a message xD. Sorry for the inactivity :( hehe see you later! Get chance and luck.

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[TWITTER 120515] I’m back.

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Learning Sherlock
Taemin’s part~ hehe.

AP Computer Science A

finished my AP ^^

stupid proctor made me sit in front left and that’s right infront of podium…

she collected my scantron first the second she said “Time’s up!” which means that i couldn’t fill in the last 5 answers I solved in the book… Atleast the part 2 was fun~

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I’ve been so inactive these days…

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